The Ultimate Guide to a Great Home Renovation

The Ultimate Guide to a Great Home Renovation

We love full home renovations! A comprehensive remodel ensures your space is updated, redesigned, and overall better. They can help your home become suitable for your changing needs, create new space for growing families, accommodate aging in place, and allow you to make changes you wish you had when moving in. When moving or building a new home won’t do, a complete home renovation is your best bet.


Calgary Renovation Contractor Top 10 Tips


Here are our top 10 considerations before completing a home renovation in Calgary:

  1. Clearly define goals. Unless you have an unlimited budget, it’s essential to list desired project outcomes. Decide what you cannot live without and what is budget-depending before meeting with your contractor.
  2. Ask about communication. The best renovation company will ensure to communicate with you throughout the process, which means more than just texts and phone calls. Ask about project management platforms and who the main point of contact is before committing.
  3. Consider the extras. Above and beyond the work itself, ask your renovation contractor who will take care of and pay for permits, landscaping (if needed), and post-construction cleanup.
  4. Ask for references. Choosing who to work with is a big decision. Ask for references and ensure that the client is happy with the quality of work and communication along the way.
  5. Qualifications. Check that the company you partner with is insured and understands the local building code.
  6. Declutter your home. Pack, purge, and get as organized as possible before construction begins. Many people get a pod-style storage container delivered to their property for their belongings.
  7. Plan for your accommodations. Full home renovations and additions will require you to move out. A temporary or vacation rental will be your best bet.
  8. Establish your budget. When working with your contractor, let them know your budget goal, so planning and design can stay well within it.
  9. Plan for contingencies. Sometimes unexpected issues, such as structural, electrical, or plumbing problems behind a wall, can occur. Having a contingency budget will help you to avoid financial stress during construction.
  10. Plan for the future. Renovations that make their owners happy in the long run are the ones that consider their future selves and what will be needed in the home during the next phase of life. So choose options that add value and accommodate your next decade of needs.


Your Trusted and Experienced Calgary Renovation Company


The FLR Developments team has completed many substantial home renovations and additions. To see some of our past projects, check out our portfolio and our most recent complete home renovation in Calgary on our project pageTo book a consultation for your home, reach out at 403-980-2205 or fill out a website contact form.


Whether you want a custom luxury home, a stunning lake view spot, or the perfect commercial spot for your new venture, our team makes the process as straightforward, cost-effective, and simple as possible. From planning and design to permits and a third party warranty, we will expertly manage every stage of the process. We take the challenge out of new builds, so you can focus on what’s truly important: achieving your dream.

Want to know more about one of our developments and how we can get your project completed on time and on a budget? Contact us at  (403) 980-2205  or fill in our online form.

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