Why Work With a Design-Build Home Builder

Why Work With a Design-Build Home Builder

If building a custom home, or a full home renovation were a movie, there are several actors that need to come to play to earn an Oscar. You need a professional designer to translate your imagination into a sketch, sometimes artchitects and engineers to confirm structral safety, and a construction contractor to execute it to perfection.

From planning, permitting, hiring an architect, to opening a bid and choosing a contractor: there’s just so much to do. For someone with probably no experience in construction projects, you might find it hard to get reliable professionals for your work. What if you can bypass all that stress?

A reputable custom home builder takes your idea from you and executes it from design through to final delivery and beyond with a third-party warranty. Here’s why you should consider working with a custom home builder.

Highly Personalized Service

Working closely with a custom home builder has its rewards. Being in charge of everything about your project, from idea to execution, the custom home builder knows exactly what you want and how best to achieve it.

From the get-go, a custom home builder will help you ideate the type of home that will suit your needs and the budget that can deliver it. This intimate understanding of your project will guide the custom home builder throughout your project to ensure that the result matches your expectation. Flip to the traditional architect-design, contractor-build model of construction, you run the risk of your ideas being diluted along with the extended design-build transfer between the architect and the contractor.

Quick Project Execution

We have all heard the horror stories of people who have had to rent, or stay in hotels for months because their home was not ready on time. How long will it take you to open, receive, analyze and approve bids for your home project? If your home builder is inexperienced, they cannot properly plan for next steps and will most likely get derailed by headaches and issues along the way. 97% of renovations and construction of any sort go way over on timelines, and budget, so if you want to avoid these costly headaches nd get the job done right, go for an experienced full-service custom home builder.

A custom home builder will ensure that your home design progresses smoothly from planning to construction, so that you will get the home of your dreams within a realistic timeline. Being in charge of your entire project, the builder will manage the main timeline and other mini-timelines of your project to deliver your custom home within the specified period.

A Budget Based on You

The general assumption is that working with a design-build custom home builder is more expensive is a false economy. While, of course, you will be paying for their time and expertise being utilized for your project, having an experienced design-build contractor work with you from start to finish will save you on costly mistakes along the way. An experienced builder will help you plan your project thoroughly avoiding hidden charges or having to pay more when your project dynamics change.

Ease of Coordination

Unlike you or your architect, a custom home builder has a more personalized relationship with the subcontractors and that will be needed for your project. Working with a custom home builder spares you the hassles of searching for reliable trades and contractors.

Having a single person managing your design and construction will focus the efforts of the construction staff on your project, and reduce the risks of inter-contractor conflicts during execution. In any case, the custom home builder is better placed to handle disputes and conflicts that can delay your project.

Better Value for Your Money

When it comes to building a custom home, nothing beats a builder who has done it several times before. Anyone 'could' build a home, but a full-service custom home builder goes a step further to adapt the home just for you. They work at a high degree of expertise to construct your home to your preferred taste, and professionally enough to deliver a project that will check all boxes for a well-built home.

FLR Developments: Your Design-Build Custom Builder

FLR Developments is a design-build company who has the experience to deliver on time and on budget in Calgary, Kelowna, and surrounding areas. FLR Developments offers a full range of residential and commercial services from design to construction, and for all types of home and business owners. Are you ready to step into your dream home? Call us, or fill out the form below, to know how we can make your dream come true.


Whether you want a custom luxury home, a stunning lake view spot, or the perfect commercial spot for your new venture, our team makes the process as straightforward, cost-effective, and simple as possible. From planning and design to permits and a third party warranty, we will expertly manage every stage of the process. We take the challenge out of new builds, so you can focus on what’s truly important: achieving your dream.

Want to know more about one of our developments and how we can get your project completed on time and on a budget? Contact us at  (403) 980-2205  or fill in our online form.

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